Ever try to blow up a raft? Unless you’ve got one of those electric “blow dryer thingies”, you are in for a world of hurt. I remember sitting in the sand, ready to pass out while my preschool daughter jumped up and down, yelling “Daddy, hurry up!” Not what I consider family fun. But then […]



I sat at the bedside of a dying woman this week. She had oxygen running through a line to her nose and was confined to a bed. After a few pleasantries, I asked her what she wanted to talk about. Since she new she was dying, I had no idea what to expect since I […]

“This is my body…”

Jesus hand

They said a patient wanted to see me, but the invitation came with a warning from the staff – “He’s HIV positive”. I shrugged, said OK, and walked toward his room. I laughed a little at myself: we “religious types” are never considered experts on science anyway, so why should I start worrying about something […]

“You ask me how I know He lives…”


Growing up in a southern Baptist church, every Easter there were two hymns you had to sing…or you probably weren’t really Baptist. One was “Low in the Grave He Lay”. Most people don’t remember it by that title, but by the bouncy chorus that interrupts the sad, mournful verse. After lamenting the crucified Jesus, suddenly […]



There’s one game I always hated, whether at school, camp, or church – The Limbo.  It was always some dorky adults idea of fun for us kids, usually accompanied with a Luau theme. They’d put on a record (I’ll explain that one later, kids), and we’d all see “how low we could go”. But for […]

...for Kosher reasons, be sure to put the bacon on the "New Testament" side!

Good Christians Go To Church


Now that my title grabbed your attention, give me a minute to explain myself before my speedy execution… Sunday, September 15 has been designated as “Back to Church Sunday”. I’m not quite sure who had the authority to make that declaration – I thought only the Pope and perhaps Oprah had that much pull. But […]

One Very Dirty Word

hear no evil

I’ve always wanted to talk to those people who serve the free samples at Costco. Sometimes I hide behind the roasted peanuts to watch them from a distance. Even from afar I can see the terror in their eyes, as crowds wait to pounce on them. Seriously, you’d think a shipment of rice had just […]