Our National “Barf-O-Rama”

When our fighting is done, will there be anything left fighting for?

airsick bag

I want to warn you against something that’s sure to destroy you. It will make you say terrible things to family members, and destroy friendships in minutes it took years to build. Worst of all, it will blind you to common ground you share with others, and make you demand all of humanity take sides. […]

GIANT METEOR for President

Are we already too far gone in the "summer of sixteen"?

Giant Meteor

It’s easy to fall into the trap of being a prophet of doom these days. Opportunists wait for the latest disaster and then use the maimed bodies as fodder for their own angry theories. Some people want things to go south. Why else would we all get so much satisfaction from going to movie after […]


#prayfordallas #prayforallofus


There’s an ancient remedy – a formula meant specifically for the healing of a nation. It has nothing to do with education or rights. Instead, it involves humility, confession of sin, and obedience to God. If we follow it, we life and thrive. If we do not, oblivion. No other talk matters in the end. […]

“Click, click, click…”

Hang on for the ride of your life!


I hate rollercoasters. Seriously, for the money people pay to ride the things, I’d pay you twice that much to keep me off one. I simply don’t trust them, especially the hastily-assembled rust buckets you find at your garden-variety county fair. Yeah, the one being operated by the dude named “”Lefty” with no teeth. Oh, […]

To my friend who doesn’t believe…

Stop waiting for proof of something beyond your understanding. Just jump.

Photo by Glenn Christopher

If I could wish anything for you, this would be the very best thing I could hope for you – that you would believe. …to embrace faith …to embrace Jesus as your friend and guide through this life …to meet God in such a personal, transformational way, you’d know Him even better than you know […]

Fathers, Husbands & Heroes

Today is my dad's 90th birthday. This is for him...


My mom has always been a source of gentle humor in our family. Whenever she got amazed or exasperated by something, Mom would try to say, “Well …” — probably meaning to eventually say “well, I never.” Instead, all that came out was a “wuh” noise. Then she would say it repeatedly, in a sort […]