...for Kosher reasons, be sure to put the bacon on the "New Testament" side!

Good Christians Go To Church


Now that my title grabbed your attention, give me a minute to explain myself before my speedy execution… Sunday, September 15 has been designated as “Back to Church Sunday”. I’m not quite sure who had the authority to make that declaration – I thought only the Pope and perhaps Oprah had that much pull. But […]

One Very Dirty Word

hear no evil

I’ve always wanted to talk to those people who serve the free samples at Costco. Sometimes I hide behind the roasted peanuts to watch them from a distance. Even from afar I can see the terror in their eyes, as crowds wait to pounce on them. Seriously, you’d think a shipment of rice had just […]

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”?


True love is not about you – it’s about others!

Watch Pastor Dave Gipson’s message,recorded live at Legacy Church of Naples


When is a Church not a Church?

Country church

I was interested recently when a new restaurant opened up in our town.  Housed in the historic former church building downtown, it is now a quaint little place to grab a bite.  A friend of mine sings pop standards there on some nights, where a choir used to sing. Turns out Billy Graham even preached there […]


A Covering of Snow

snow moon

The gales of wind howled through the trees outside the old cabin. Smoke rose from the chimney as the old man ate his humble soup safely inside. His weathered hands were still steady, having stacked the wood by the cabin walls that would surely last the winter’s full duration. It’s a good thing he had. […]

There’s one word that’s particularly popular here in SW Florida, even among those who call themselves Christians. However, it’s a word that’s never found in the Bible, and it can get you into spiritual trouble.

Find out about it here in my message from SUNDAY@LEGACY – ONE WORD YOU WON’T FIND IN THE BIBLE



Hello everyone!  I’ve been hoping to update you on our progress with the twin two-year old boys we received right before Christmas, but things have been pretty crazy around here (as you can probably imagine). With about one month into this journey, here’s were things stand so far… We were able to take the boys […]