“Click, click, click…”

Hang on for the ride of your life!


I hate rollercoasters. Seriously, for the money people pay to ride the things, I’d pay you twice that much to keep me off one. I simply don’t trust them, especially the hastily-assembled rust buckets you find at your garden-variety county fair. Yeah, the one being operated by the dude named “”Lefty” with no teeth. Oh, […]

To my friend who doesn’t believe…

Stop waiting for proof of something beyond your understanding. Just jump.

Photo by Glenn Christopher

If I could wish anything for you, this would be the very best thing I could hope for you – that you would believe. …to embrace faith …to embrace Jesus as your friend and guide through this life …to meet God in such a personal, transformational way, you’d know Him even better than you know […]

Fathers, Husbands & Heroes

Today is my dad's 90th birthday. This is for him...


My mom has always been a source of gentle humor in our family. Whenever she got amazed or exasperated by something, Mom would try to say, “Well …” — probably meaning to eventually say “well, I never.” Instead, all that came out was a “wuh” noise. Then she would say it repeatedly, in a sort […]

They Call Me “Rainbow Sprinkles”

To those who don't fit it...good!


I normally hate articles like this one. You know…self-empowerment feel-good mumbo jumbo telling you, “Now go out and be the best YOU you can be!!!” Cue Oprah and Stuart Smalley in the wings. But I have learned something important about trusting how God has made me. I’ve finally stopped thinking everyone else is right and […]

A Lady Few Have Met

Though she's not popular right now, you might want to get to know her


Yesterday as news of the horrific events in Orlando soaked into our psyche, I watched Facebook erupt into what has now become another national hissy fit. Please note: I’m not minimizing the outrage at deaths of so many innocent people. That deserves our outrage and grief, most assuredly. What absolutely blows me away is our […]

Pastoral Privilege

Mister Meme

The most recent ego trip for pastors is for us to have staff members take photos of us and create “memes” from them. A meme is a photo with some kind of pithy saying on it, often encouraging or motivational. Text is added to the pastor’s photo that is basically a quote taken from his […]

Junebugs and Fireflies

Summer is the season for magic...and noise

mason jar

When I was a fat little kid in northern Alabama, the arrival of summer brought with it some very special creatures. Now you Yankees from up north probably refer to them as “fireflies” (spoken with Thurston Howell the Third’s accent). But down south, they were just “lightning bugs”. Every year around June, we would stay […]

Hands In The Air

God never gives us too much information, and there's a good reason why


I have now learned the fine art of using the bathroom while holding a baby. I really think they ought to hand out diplomas for this kind of thing. I used to be a pretty modest person. I was the guy in the stall next to you who had trouble “going” because you were standing […]

Say The Magic Words

We need to move past pretending before we can ever get to forgiving

I'm sorry copy

I was at a community event for area churches the other day, and saw a lot of old friends from around town. When you’re a pastor and former church members walk up to you, the joke goes “sometimes you’re not sure whether to duck or to pucker”. By that, I mean: Do the people approaching […]