Hands In The Air

God never gives us too much information, and there's a good reason why


I have now learned the fine art of using the bathroom while holding a baby. I really think they ought to hand out diplomas for this kind of thing. I used to be a pretty modest person. I was the guy in the stall next to you who had trouble “going” because you were standing […]

Say The Magic Words

We need to move past pretending before we can ever get to forgiving

I'm sorry copy

I was at a community event for area churches the other day, and saw a lot of old friends from around town. When you’re a pastor and former church members walk up to you, the joke goes “sometimes you’re not sure whether to duck or to pucker”. By that, I mean: Do the people approaching […]

Scary Church Members

I love them, but some church people scare me

scary church

When I first started pastoring, I wanted everyone to come to my church. Now? Not so much. By the way, I use the term “my church” to refer to where I happen to be the pastor, not that I own the church. Amazingly, there are churches which are dominated by a pastor. But no man […]

The First Mother’s Day Without Her

At my mom's death, my dad taught me how indestructible real love is


So…today I’ve put a moratorium on “your mom” jokes.  My mom has always been a source of gentle humor in our family. A southern woman with naturally blonde hair teased out big, she always sounded like a female version of Hank Hill from the cartoon “King of the Hill”. Over the years, I developed a […]

Don’t be so openminded…

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Open mindedness is overrated…

When you find Truth, you are wise to defend it and oppose anything that opposes it.

We live in an age where we’re supposed to accept every person’s individual “truth” is of equal value. But surely not everyone can be correct…

Truth by nature is exclusive. If one thing is true, its opposite cannot also be true. So Truth naturally opposes lies the way light opposes darkness.

Nurture truth the way you would nurture a candle while walking near a precipice in the dark. It is your guide and is all that stands between you and destruction…

Your Worst Addiction is You

Just because the line is long doesn't mean it leads to anything of value


I live in a town where people come to die. My home is in a medium-sized city in SW Florida that most people don’t know much about. But lots of people come here to retire. Some of those folks are wealthy, like Judge Judy and Sean Hannity who’ve both got places here. Others are less […]

Happiness is Your Choice. Period.

Your happiness depends on how you respond to life's pain


There’s a man on our street who I know is watching our house, every single day. And even worse, he is constantly leering at our children. Anywhere else this occurred, you’d call the cops on him. But in Florida, you elect him to the Neighborhood Association. Maybe it’s because we have teenagers. Anytime my kids […]

Why You Really Won’t Be Boycotting Target

Boycotts never last, but there's something else that always does...


The superstore Target recently announced a new policy concerning its public restrooms, which states that people will be allowed to use the restroom of whichever sex with which they “identify”. Despite their biological, people can decide which sex they prefer to be. I, for one, see exciting new implications in this policy for me personally. […]

God’s Purpose in Your Pain

Ironically, we rest in the embrace of the same arms that deliver daily doses of cruelty

Morning walk

It’s after midnight on Sunday evening. Everyone in my neighborhood’s most likely in bed. But me? I’m walking the path around the man-made lake in our subdivision in pitch darkness. Hopefully, everyone else is asleep, because I’m spitting and cussing at God. What’s wrong? Enough that I’m wondering why God thinks I would still be […]

Not Too Late to Live

Most of us miss the glory of God blazing all around us

Photo by Glenn Christopher

There’s a scene toward the end of Thornton Wilder’s OUR TOWN that takes place in a graveyard.  Emily, a recently-deceased young mother, looks back longingly on her earthly existence. After trying to go back and relive just an ordinary day from her past, Emily finally pulls away in despair when she sees how oblivious everyone else […]