Church for Atheists

In 2013, Sunday Assembly was begun in London, England. Founded by Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, it’s a non-religious gathering for people who want the same communal experience believers get in religious services. In other words, it’s a church for Atheists. The biggest question I have with this admittedly-novel idea is this: what would you […]

A Roadside Memorial

We used to live across from a man who watched our house every single day. Even worse, he was constantly leering at our kids. Anywhere else, you’d call the cops on him.  But in Florida, you elect him to the Neighborhood Association board. It was as if that nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched lived […]

Red or blue?

I first started waking up around the age of 41. I’d just started work at a very great church. I knew it was a great church because the people were sure to tell me that most Sundays. I’d left behind another church that had felt like family. But my new church was attended by millionaires, […]


Oddly enough, one of my favorite parts of doing live theater is waiting backstage to go on. There’s a zen-like calm you experience when just a few feet away people are spouting lines in bright spotlights, but you are hidden away in dark solitude. It’s like the calm before the storm.  Anticipation is building, and […]

Thanks 2020…I Needed That!

Though it’s been a tough year…and it’s only half over…I’m thankful for what I’ve learned so far during 2020. Here are a few things I’ve been reminded of… 2020 reminded me there are few things as important as the people I love. Every other prop around me could be removed, but with family and friends […]

Running Home after Dark

An inmate in the jail’s medical unit wanted to see me. However, the invitation came with a warning from the nursing staff… “Chaplain, he’s HIV positive”. I shrugged and walked toward his room. I laughed a little at myself. What’s the big deal about “acquired immune deficiency syndrome” when you’re on a mission from God? […]

Junebugs or Fireflies

While growing up in northern Alabama, the arrival of summer brought with it some very special creatures. You probably know them as Junebugs and Fireflies. But down south, we couldn’t afford “fireflies”. Ours were just plain old “lightning bugs”. Every year around June, we would stay outside playing till dusk and suddenly the yard would […]

The couple next door

Allow me for a moment to do a bit of “virtue signaling”… One morning last winter, Facebook decided to post an old photo from the winter before on my newsfeed. It was taken by my wife, who tagged me when I was shoveling snow off our neighbor’s front yard. We were living in St Louis, […]

How to work and play well with others

There’s a skill-set many of us learned so early on, some evidently think it’s beneath us now. But it’s so basic to human interaction that its absence is threatening to destroy our society.  Simply put, we’ve forgotten how to mind our manners. We can no longer disagree agreeably. And we are incapable now of keeping […]

To Speak Up or Shut Up

“Wow! Your non-stop political posts on social media have completely changed my mind!” – said no one ever. A man asked to meet me at Starbucks after church one day. He was probably in his late 60s or early 70s, and he immediately impressed me by riding his bike to our little meeting. He explained […]