Angry Birds

You can have peace in the midst of the storm...or the Costco parking lot

Photo by Glenn Christopher

We’re quickly approaching Judgment Day here in SW Florida. Soon, near the middle of October, the snowbirds will be descending upon us, flocking to our unsuspecting Costco parking lot in a fashion that would have made Alfred Hitchcock proud.  The other day sweet little wife, barely over 5 ft tall, slowly plodded past the parking spaces […]

Some people wonder why I would choose to be a foster and adoptive father again in my 50s. To those people, just imagine this is what you get to see every single day when you sing to your baby. Wow, I am so blessed  (…and she really like Rodgers & Hammerstein, too)!

Are you raising an Accidental Atheist?

An important series for parents

Depressed Teen Boy

Articles have hit the news this year about the decline in church attendance for mainline Christian denominations. And a large segment of this decline can be attributed to an exodus of young adults who, though raised in church, decide to leave the faith of their parents. In my meetings at Starbucks with atheists and my […]

Tick the right people off

imageDon’t waste your time trying to make everybody happy. If you do, you’ll fail and you won’t be happy either.

Instead, allow the excellent way you live your life to tick the right people off. If you never make anyone mad, you’re not doing anything that really matters, are you?


Our Summer of Love

It's been a rather raucous summer for Christianity. But that's a good thing!

Street preacher Jeffrey Shook, with Unity Baptist Church in Hickory N.C., preaches to Kim Davis protesters in front of the Carl D. Perkins Federal Building in Ashland, Ky., Thursday. Same-sex couples in Rowan County began marrying Friday — but Davis' lawyers say those licenses are invali

For Christians, this has not quite been the “Summer of Love”, has it? Between the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, the release of Planned Parenthood videos, and now the specter of Kim Davis’ refusal to sign those aforementioned marriage certificates, Christianity has been in the news and taken quite a lot of criticism. There’s […]

And the music swells…

When you do the right thing, don't expect any applause...yet

Photo by Glenn Christopher

When you do the right thing, it’s nothing like in the movies. In the movies, when you make a selfless sacrifice to do a great good, everyone notices. By the end of the movie, you are being honored at some huge gathering. When they say your name, the whole room rises to their feet. The […]

Speak the truth in love...even when it hurts you.