God asked me, “Why aren’t your prayers less about your comfort or relief, and more about doing the greatest good you could for my Kingdom?”

OVERWHELMED, recorded live at Legacy Church of Naples, FL


A rainstorm, and God, interrupted my run today...


I was feeling really down today. Nothing life-threatening. Just a rough couple of days in a row, lots of frustrations and no progress. You know how it is. I hadn’t gone running for three days, partly because of feeling so overwhelmed by the chaos around me.  But today, I finally forced myself to take a […]

My Favorite Super Hero

She saves the world by 5pm every day...

D&D fun

I loved the show “24,” and Jack Bauer was the quintessential American hero. A loner often misunderstood, he avoids relationships because loved ones have a way of getting hurt around him. He wins using his well-honed skills, and then walks back into the darkness until the world needs him again. As a manly fantasy, Bauer […]

Mom of the Year

The "Mother of all Battles" is Responsible Parenting


On Monday, April 27, Tonya Graham looked on as her Baltimore neighborhood erupted in riots. As her eyes scanned a crowd of brick-throwing young men, she recognized something only a mother could. Behind a black mask and hoodie, she recognized the eyes of her son as he joined in the mayhem and threw a brick […]

A Ham Sandwich

Positivity isn't everything...but it's a lot


I was the lead actor in a play once, and I had dialogue in most of my scenes that was quite integral to the plot line. There was another guy with whom I shared a lot of scenes who was meant to be my sidekick. We were friendly in rehearsals, and everything seemed to be […]



Ever try to blow up a raft? Unless you’ve got one of those electric “blow dryer thingies”, you are in for a world of hurt. I remember sitting in the sand, ready to pass out while my preschool daughter jumped up and down, yelling “Daddy, hurry up!” Not what I consider family fun. But then […]

windowPrayer starts to flow easily when you realize there are so many people you love who are in trouble, and so little you can do that would help more than prayer.



I sat at the bedside of a dying woman this week. She had oxygen running through a line to her nose and was confined to a bed. After a few pleasantries, I asked her what she wanted to talk about. Since she new she was dying, I had no idea what to expect since I […]

“This is my body…”

Jesus hand

They said a patient wanted to see me, but the invitation came with a warning from the staff – “He’s HIV positive”. I shrugged, said OK, and walked toward his room. I laughed a little at myself: we “religious types” are never considered experts on science anyway, so why should I start worrying about something […]

“You ask me how I know He lives…”


Growing up in a southern Baptist church, every Easter there were two hymns you had to sing…or you probably weren’t really Baptist. One was “Low in the Grave He Lay”. Most people don’t remember it by that title, but by the bouncy chorus that interrupts the sad, mournful verse. After lamenting the crucified Jesus, suddenly […]