Photography by Glenn Christopher
Be gentle…

A Not-So Wonderful Life

In light of the coming hubbub that will inevitable be ignited by random Nativity displays, not to mention fearful store employees wishing you a very PC “Happy Holidays” this month, one thing is clear (at least, to me)… Many people want a world without God. I know that’s rather blunt, but shouldn’t we cut to the […]

A father's cemetery tribute to his wheelchair-bound son.

Yes, I believe God heals. But sometimes it doesn’t happen in our way or in our time.

The ultimate healing comes when we see the Lord face-to-face. Then we will be made like Him.

That is the moment this little boy could finally walk…when he leapt into the arms of Jesus!


finger-pointingYou never speak louder about your relationship with Christ than when you react to someone else caught in sin.

When you truly know Christ and see someone caught in sin, you feel a sense of familiarity and empathy because you know you’ve been in that same place. You realize you’re both part of the “fellowship of the broken”.

I worry most for those who do not feel that empathy, and choose to point fingers and criticize as if they’ve never fallen either.

It may in fact prove that they’ve never experienced that amazing grace that the rest of us recognize we need so badly…

Say “Yes”


My 26th wedding anniversary is today (Nov 19, 2014), and I can still remember how awkwardly the proposal played out. I was a youth pastor with a group of 80 teenagers on a mission trip to New Orleans. My intended fiancé grew up in the suburbs there, so I thought it would be perfect to […]

When you can’t see where you’re going…

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Don’t sweat it when you can’t see where you’re going, and your path is obscured…

Sometimes the obscured path God sends us on is to our benefit. The fog hides the precipice beneath us from view, keeping us from panicking.

We simply listen for our Father’s voice saying where to step next, never knowing the peril we might face if we strayed from His path.