What was the difference between Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston?

In Charleston, the people of God were attacked. And the results were heartbreaking, but miraculous…

Watch the full message from Pastor Dave Gipson here, recorded Live@Legacy

Say “Amen”, Somebody!

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal..."


My wife had our little 4-year old foster boy at Chick-Fil-A this week for lunch. While they were eating, a police officer came and sat in the booth across from them. Suddenly, this little hispanic boy stiffened up, looking frightened. My wife gently asked him, “You don’t like police men?” He shook his head “no”. […]

The Day After Father’s Day

I didn't get my card until Monday, but the real present came early...


Earlier this week, my teenage son decided, on his own, not to move out and go to a college far away. We talked until 1am the other night. I didn’t lecture him, just listened. He came to it all on his own…though he has no idea how hard mom and I have been praying. He’ll […]

Men tend to be rigid in their worship at church, but the greatest warrior in the Bible was a man of passionate praise.

WORSHIP LIKE A MAN, recorded Live@Legacy

Two Roads

When you call yourself a "Christian", what does that mean?

Two Roads

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—  I took the one less traveled by,  And that has made all the difference.”  Robert Frost There’re lots of opinions out there. And every now and then, someone is going to pummel you with theirs… A young friend talked to me about a conversation she’d had with […]

God asked me, “Why aren’t your prayers less about your comfort or relief, and more about doing the greatest good you could for my Kingdom?”

OVERWHELMED, recorded live at Legacy Church of Naples, FL


A rainstorm, and God, interrupted my run today...


I was feeling really down today. Nothing life-threatening. Just a rough couple of days in a row, lots of frustrations and no progress. You know how it is. I hadn’t gone running for three days, partly because of feeling so overwhelmed by the chaos around me.  But today, I finally forced myself to take a […]

My Favorite Super Hero

She saves the world by 5pm every day...

D&D fun

I loved the show “24,” and Jack Bauer was the quintessential American hero. A loner often misunderstood, he avoids relationships because loved ones have a way of getting hurt around him. He wins using his well-honed skills, and then walks back into the darkness until the world needs him again. As a manly fantasy, Bauer […]

Mom of the Year

The "Mother of all Battles" is Responsible Parenting


On Monday, April 27, Tonya Graham looked on as her Baltimore neighborhood erupted in riots. As her eyes scanned a crowd of brick-throwing young men, she recognized something only a mother could. Behind a black mask and hoodie, she recognized the eyes of her son as he joined in the mayhem and threw a brick […]