Nothing changes until you’re ready to risk your security & move forward.move

That’s all that separates the artists from the critics, the powerful from the pundits, the heroes from the zeros – the willingness to act, as opposed to the safety on the sidelines.

Until that crucial moment of commitment, the world just waits and hopes…

Time Out for Whining

Recently, I had an appointment at my “worldwide ministry headquarters” (Starbucks). I’d been talking over future ministry plans with an advisor. My friend had been encouraging, but also pointed out some major obstacles to my plans. So whenever I’m faced with a disappointment, whenever I see the signposts saying “Dead End” and I need to […]

Bubble Wrapped Believers

We seek a safe, comfortable life...which is the opposite of what God has planned

I get a little perturbed with people who rationalize their safe, puny way of life by their faith. They give in to their own insecurities and quarantine themselves away from the real world. They take their “salt and light” and hide it under the bushel of a church building, never thinking God might want them […]

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of Costco parking…”

Tonight, it feels like my heart is going to pound right through my chest. I’m laying in bed, trying to sleep, and it starts. Fears, worries, “what if’s”. You probably know the feeling too, right? Worst-case scenarios playing in my head like an “end of the world” movie on crack. There’s no way out, no […]

The revolution continues, as the rebels wear their hearts on their feet. Little did anyone know today that while listening to an innocent Bible study, my socks were making a statement!

This Sunday@Legacy…

Please join us Sunday@Legacy to show support for those struggling with depression. Pastor Dave will be dealing with the stigma many Christians face about admitting they are depressed, and sharing what the Bible says to help us. Also, he’ll speak very personally to creatives on my own struggles and the dangers they face specifically from this illness. Invite someone you care about to come Sunday, and be there to show your support for those who are suffering. This Sunday, 10:30am at Legacy Church of Naples.

What are Subversive Socks?

When you work in a job or workplace that is generally conservative (oh, like, let’s say a pastor in a church, for example), you still want to show your individuality and sense of panache. So underneath your sensible gray suit or navy blazer, you wear sock that scream your individuality…while you conform to “the man”.

Send in your pictures of your own Subversive Socks, and live it large, people!

Genie, I Wish You Free

This morning as I awoke, the thoughts of Robin Williams’ death barged into my mind again. I’d never met him, but like millions around the world, his apparent suicide has left me troubled as if he were a family member. This is one we all feel more than we logically should. Did anyone not love […]