Write it down, let it go

letterWhen someone wrongs me, I sit down and write them a letter listing all the bad things they did. I detail everything quite specifically, and explain exactly how it made me feel. I also try to include all the ways I’ve helped them in the past, and how they completely disregarded my friendship and took advantage of my kindness.

…then I make the letter my love offering to Jesus, right before I hit delete.


This past Sunday at my church was a train wreck.  It started off bad, and then steam rolled out of control as the service progressed. To begin with, I was running late that morning. When we arrived to set up at the middle school we rent each Sunday, we noticed the media cart with the […]

bible newtons If your kids are lucky, they’ve enjoyed a lovely craft during Vacation Bible School this summer. However, this one pushes the borders between creative and creepy.

Jeremiah 15:16 does indeed say, “Your words were found and I ate them…” But if Bibles start going missing around your house after VBS, you might want to stock up on the Pepto…


I’m sitting in my car at Starbucks, writing.  I feel stupid, it probably is stupid.  There was a church women’s group meeting at my house.  Great group of ladies, but with that much estrogen in the room I figured it was a smart move to skeedaddle. I’ve finally got the night to myself, without anything […]