A hymn before home…

The darkness of this world will make you feel like a stranger in a strange land

Tonight I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I found an old, old hymnal – one from back when I was just a child in church. I sat at the piano and started playing through some of the hymns of my youth. Most of them no one sings anymore, unless they’re surrounded […]


hold-biblePeople will not always understand the decisions you have to make, and you won’t always have time to explain them.

That’s ok. They’re not the One you answer to…

Broken Jesus

I got an award once that I was so very proud of, at a big ceremony in Beverly Hills, of all places. Really nice glass statuette, and lots of famous or near-famous people in the room got them too. My wife was so proud of me, and finally I had something to prove my worth […]

Available Balance

After Christmas every year, we get “punked” finding gift cards sent to our kids by various relatives. We checked up on a promising-looking one, only to hear the quirky computer voice on the other end of the phone proclaim it had an “available balance of $2.06”. Woo hoo, jackpot. Sometimes my hope seems just as […]