Newspaper Article about Dave

Article 3Sweet! The terrific folks at the Naples Daily News have graciously taken the “subscriber only” status off the article they wrote about me a few weeks back. This story describes the unique ministry I do by meeting seekers at the local Starbucks to answer their questions or challenges about God.

If you wanted to read it before but couldn’t, go for it now –

Invite a Zombie to Church this Sunday!

When you've got a personal conviction, keep it personal...and to yourself

Don’t know what all the fuss is about ZOMBIES these days. As a pastor, I’ve dealt with them often… It’s called the Sunday early service. I never fail to mutter at least once under my breath, “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE”! (“ba dup bup…”) That little joke was a reference to a scary little movie called “The Sixth Sense”. […]

The Worst Part

don-mcclean-quote-and-the-three-men-i-admire-most-the-father-son-andThe worst part of telling God you want Him out of your life…or your country…is that He’ll listen.

If we demand so, He will sadly walk away, leaving us with a life and world devoid of His beauty, joy and guiding hand.

The worst part is getting exactly what we asked for, when we had no idea for what we were asking..


It’s hard when you’re in-between. In-between jobs, in-between relationships – limbo. You feel like you’re drifting purposelessly on an endless sea, going nowhere. You’re not where you were, and that’s great. You prayed God would get you out of that situation, and He did. That trial is over, thank God! But you’re also not where […]

Life Changes That Fast

A cool breeze blew in this weekend. A refreshing taste of fall – at least fall as we experience it here in SW Florida. We sat outside on 5th Ave South (my favorite area of town) and enjoyed the early evening at the coffee shop where we hold our Sunday evening Bible Study. My wife […]

Why God Allowed Your Pain

They said a patient wanted to see me at the jail, but the invitation came with a warning – “He’s HIV positive”. I shrugged, said OK, and walked toward his room.  I laughed a little at myself: we “religious types” are never considered experts on science anyway, so why should I worry about something technical-sounding […]

Overcoming Pain From Your Past

I rarely “unfriend” anyone on Facebook, no matter how wacky they are. When part of your job description is to be kind, it’s pretty hard to sever ties so dramatically (though I’ve occasionally had to do it). Similarly, I will accept a friend request from everyone just short of Charles Manson. The only ones I […]