Target Bags from God

The best Christmases are the ones we allow God to interrupt

We got a phone call late in December of 2014 that tipped our Christmas upside down… We’d finally been approved as foster parents only a week ago, but were already guardians of a baby girl for the past 8 months. I have to admit I was thinking “one and done” with no plans for more […]

Epic “Christmas Fail”

When you wait until Christmas Eve for assembly, duct tape is required

One of my Ghosts of Christmas Past was a bicycle we bought for our first child. She was about 5, and the bike had to be assembled. Sure, I’m not a very handy guy, but how hard could it be? Attach handle bars and training wheels and…voila!  So I set aside Christmas Eve night for […]

When they won’t be “Home for Christmas”

At Christmas, God is saying "I do know how it feels..."

There’s a certain odd hush that comes upon a town at Christmas Eve. It’s not that people aren’t still working — those days when everyone got off work for Christmas are gone. But a calm still descends as families gather, and the majority of stores shut off their lights and workers head home. That’s the […]

Christmas Cage Fight

"Well, bless your heart..."

One Christmas we were decorating our church lobby, and I was working further inside in the building. A church volunteer came to tell me a man was out front who “wanted a word with the pastor”. I can promise you, these words never bode well for anyone in my profession. So I took a deep breath and […]