A Covering of Snow

A Christmas story about Easter

The gales of wind howled through the trees outside the old cabin. Smoke rose from the chimney as the old man ate his humble soup safely inside. His weathered hands were still steady, having stacked the wood by the cabin walls that would surely last the winter’s full duration. It’s a good thing he had. […]

My Heroic, World-Changing Stand Against Racism

Once, I had a barber I really liked. Wait. Actually, that’s not really true. In truth, we had nothing in common. He was your stereotypical “huntin’ & fishin’ type guy”. Me? Let’s just say the “salsa on my chips was made in New York City” (all the cowboys respond, “NEW YORK CITY?!?!”) And yet, I […]

New Horizons in Parenting

gummyNew appreciations from almost two weeks of parenting 3 foster babies:

– going to the bathroom without being watched

– the dark psychological undertones to be found on the Sprout channel and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

– traversing floors with random tiny pointy objects

– removing masticated Teddy Grahams from the TV remote without use a wetwipe (the wrist flick)

Also, I have discovered why a father designed the very first Jungle Jim. It was to give his twin boys something to climb on besides himself…

That is all.

Stop Telling People You’re a Christian

If you're a "Jesus jerk", silence is golden

As a pastor, I meet a lot of people who tell me they are Christians. However, there’s a favor I’d like to ask from a few of them… Would you please stop telling people you’re a Christian? Here’s why: you’re too judgmental, you’re too negative, you’re always focused on how bad things are and never […]