Well, bless your heart...

So I’m sitting in Starbucks right now, as is my routine each week. However, this is one I don’t frequent, but I thought I’d give it a try. This is me stepping out and taking a big risk: trying a new Starbucks. Yeah, I live on the edge. Right now, there’s a lady sitting a […]

Prayer isn’t/is…

praying_man_at_altar-300x212Prayer is not just mediation – stilling the mind and soul – embracing a void.

Prayer is meditating on a real Being – trusting that He is there – listening to a voice so still and small, few would ever believe it could be God’s. And fewer still would believe He would actually speak to you.

And yet, He is waiting to do just that.


When humans act like animals

So people are outraged by the killing of a lion named Cecil in Africa. A beautiful creation of God has been killed, with no respect for the inherent worth of that creature. The death came about not to preserve another life, but by callously imposing one “will” over the other’s right to merely exist. OK, […]