Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

In this distant world, we all need a good neighbor like Fred Rogers

I hate finding pictures from my childhood. I’ll be cruising through a photo album and it’s like being blindsided by a 300 pound tackle.  Speaking of 300 pounds… I was a fat, lonely kid with a lousy home life and no friends. Seriously, none. A slew of allergies, asthma and a particularly weird skin ailment […]

Why Your Kids Really are Killing You

When I asked God, "Are you trying to kill me?", His answer was "yes"...

I just changed a diaper. Boom! (drops mic, walks away) No, ladies, I’m not expecting a reward. I know guys often are, like diapers are the equivalent of stepping in front of a runaway bus to save your life. However, I thought I was done with all this. Now in my early 50s, I was expecting […]

Messages on Prayer

Watch Pastor Dave's complete sermon series

Prayer is one of my favorite topics and things to do. So I was very pleased with this series of sermons. Each one focuses on a different pivotal aspect of our prayer life. This first message looks at the famous passage from James on “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man”. This message looks […]

When speaking to doubters, LOVE IS LOUDER

When all else fails, love's the best argument of all

I’ve got a blog in the local paper, and write occasional articles about current Christian topics in the news. I also invite people to sit and chat about God at a local coffee shop each week. So…I get responses. And some of them are from atheists. Many of them are insulting, condescending and downright angry… […]

Dave’s New Ebook “Learning How To Laugh Again”

Laugh AgainIn his new ebook LEARNING HOW TO LAUGH AGAIN, Dave details five steps toward discovering recovering the God-given joy In his new ebook of your life.

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When Church Ladies Attack

Worship - It's all fun & games until someone gets hit with a flagpole

The flag ladies you’ll find in some churches fascinate me. They’re the equivalent of a church dance team, although there’s no pelvic gyrating. Their feet hardly ever leave the floor, which keeps them from doing anything that might look like actual dancing.  I grew up Baptist, so dancing was always a big no-no, right up […]

When there’s no time to bury all the bodies…

Surviving Stressful Seasons

People refer to my home in SW Florida as “the Paradise Coast” (OK, mainly realtors). And October is the time of year the breezes start to get a little more comfortable and we open our doors and let out a sigh of relief. That is, until we see the car trucks. These are the huge […]

It’s a Hot Mess Life

Why am I sitting in my car outside Starbucks tonight like a stalker?

So I’m sitting in my car at night outside of Starbucks, writing this. There’s a church women’s group meeting at my house with a little too much estrogen in the room for me to feel comfortable. I finally get the night to myself.  So why am I spending it in my car, outside of Starbucks? […]