Say Goodbye…

In this new year, you need to let go of all that's holding you back

I wrote this article for the newspaper two New Years Eves ago. The response to it was pretty huge and positive. So I reprint it every year, as a reminder to myself. Hope it helps you let go and move forward – Dave I’ve heard it said, “If you love something, set it free. If […]

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. whatever…

Go ahead and try to snuff out the Light. Just try.

Sometimes, we get so silly. This year a (very) few were outraged that Starbucks had a red “holiday cup” with no other markings on it. The angry few said the absence of snow or ornaments meant the coffee company was distancing itself from Christmas, and moving toward the more generic idea we now call “the […]

Angels Watching Over You

Angels aren't just Christmas ornaments. They're God's protection over us.

Last Sunday at church, I brought a family tradition full circle. When my son Micah (who’s now 19) was just a little boy, he often got scared in the night. His nightmares woke him up and often his parents too.  So that’s when I wrote a little song that I would sing to him at […]

Scrooge, George Bailey, & the Darker Side of Christmas

Darkness has always been an indespensible ingredient of the season

Terrorism coming to our cities, political posturing while solutions evade us, and religious profiling amid accusations of racial hatred… Oh, and “peace on earth, good will toward men”. Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? That famous tagline of Christmas, copyrighted by God 2000 years ago, seems simply bursting with irony this December of 2015. Do we know […]


What if you really are as a big a loser as they say?

I’ve never been particularly good with rejection. Which makes it tough to be a pastor. In church life, people are always coming and going. Most of the time, it’s because their commitment to God flags depending upon their mood. They come for a while and then suddenly disappear.  They get busy and don’t prioritize their […]

Doll House

IMG_1295We love all our babies, but they are a lot of work.

A friend looked at this one and said, “She’s a doll!”

Just remember, Chucky was a doll too… ;0)

My Public Spanking on Islam & Terrorism

Still waiting on those marauding bands of Presbyterians to overrun us...

It’s been a fascinating weekend for me, and a true learning experience. Actually, more like a public spanking, to be honest ;0) After the San Bernadino attacks, an article I wrote on Islam was published in our local paper.  The article received several comments at the Naples News online site, as well as on my […]

And on earth, peace…

In a violent world, our only hope is the Prince of Peace

Not sure about you, but “peace” is one of the last things I’m feeling at Christmastime. You’ve got a bazillion gifts, parties and other plans to get done by one specific date – Dec. 25. It’s not like you can really put it off to the day after. It’s one of the most recognizable deadlines […]