Heaven’s Attic

A parable of heaven

I’ve always been a little intimidated about heaven. No, I’m not worried I won’t make it there. When you put your trust in the grace of God and not your own “goodness”, you don’t have as much to worry about. Maybe I’ve just heard too many sermons about how all our works will be judged […]

Lonesome Country Road

If you want to hear from God, take a walk...

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this article just over almost 5 years ago as God was preparing me to take a huge leap of faith. Within a few months after writing it, I quit my job and branched out in a new adventure. God spoke to me on my mountains walks with Him, and taught me […]

5 Undeniable, Surprising Ways Christianity Improves Your Life

When it comes to religion, "one size does NOT fit all".

Feeling a little meaningless right now and want to get in touch with your “spiritual side”? Tried Buddhism, meditation, and everything short of hiking to Tibet? Well, the best answer may be a lot closer than you ever dreamed, within quite familiar wrapping paper… It’s Christianity. And it works better than any of the other […]

Yeah, I’m the Fat Guy on the Bike

Gradual changes are frustrating, but they're the ones that last

Well, it’s a pleasantly cool February morning here in SW Florida. I’ve just ridden my beloved bike quite a few miles to my favorite downtown Starbucks, where I set up my office for the day. Why do I do my office work at Starbucks? Three reasons, actually. My church rents space in a school, but […]