After Easter

It's what you do after Easter that really counts

Today is the Tuesday after Easter. Did you go to church like most everyone else? I did, and boy am I paying for it! I preached a barnstormer of a sermon on Sunday – like most every pastor in the world, I gave it everything I had. In fact, I may have given it a […]

DUMBER Stuff People Say About the BIble

Unfortunately, "dumb" never takes a day off

Monday’s a rough day for pastors. The term “Monday morning quarterbacking” applies not only to football games but sermons as well. This morning was especially rough since we had a Super Bowl party at our house last night and now I’ve woken up with a terrific headache. …and NO, it’s not a hangover! It was […]

A Death In the Family

Lessons my dad taught me when mom passed away

So…today I’ve put a moratorium on “your mom” jokes.  A running joke in our family is that any statement can become a great joke simply by adding the words, “That’s what your mom said…” at the end. Try it, it almost always works. It started when my teenage son and I were in the car […]

My Sacrifice Fly

Please bear with me - I'm using a sports analogy

My congregation loves to make fun of how little I know about sports. “Hey Pastor, it’s baseball season now! How many touchdowns do you think your team will make next game?” Snickering ensues, and I usually play along. “Baseball, huh?” I ask. “Is that the big orangy ball or the brown ovally one?” My limited […]