Junebugs and Fireflies

Summer is the season for magic...and noise

When I was a fat little kid in northern Alabama, the arrival of summer brought with it some very special creatures. Now you Yankees from up north probably refer to them as “fireflies” (spoken with Thurston Howell the Third’s accent). But down south, they were just “lightning bugs”. Every year around June, we would stay […]

Hands In The Air

God never gives us too much information, and there's a good reason why

I have now learned the fine art of using the bathroom while holding a baby. I really think they ought to hand out diplomas for this kind of thing. I used to be a pretty modest person. I was the guy in the stall next to you who had trouble “going” because you were standing […]

Say The Magic Words

We need to move past pretending before we can ever get to forgiving

I was at a community event for area churches the other day, and saw a lot of old friends from around town. When you’re a pastor and former church members walk up to you, the joke goes “sometimes you’re not sure whether to duck or to pucker”. By that, I mean: Do the people approaching […]

Scary Church Members

I love them, but some church people scare me

When I first started pastoring, I wanted everyone to come to my church. Now? Not so much. By the way, I use the term “my church” to refer to where I happen to be the pastor, not that I own the church. Amazingly, there are churches which are dominated by a pastor. But no man […]