“God is great, God is good”

Upon returning from trying to save the world...

So today, the last foster child moved out of our home. At one point, we had up to three foster kids, not to mention my two adopted baby girls, two teenagers and my wife and I, all living under one roof. But tonight, we go out to eat with just the four of us. My […]

The Fellowship of the Broken

If you really want to know Jesus, get ready to suffer.

I’ve been learning a lot about suffering recently, and I’m happy to tell you there’s an upside… First, if you’ve always wanted to shed those ugly extra pounds, grief is the perfect diet plan for you! No exercise necessary! Just experience a tragedy and voila! – you no longer have the desire to eat. The […]

Some days, you’re just gonna get soaked

No way to avoid it, so why not embrace it?

I was feeling really down today. Nothing life-threatening. Just a rough couple of days in a row, lots of frustrations and no progress. You know how it is. I hadn’t gone running for three days, partly because of feeling so overwhelmed by the chaos around me.  But today, I finally forced myself to take a […]