She Said “Yes”

With all the comedy surrounding my proposal, I'm surprised my wife still married me

My 28th wedding anniversary is today (Nov 19, 2016), and I can still remember how awkwardly the proposal played out to my soon-to-be wife Dawn. I was a youth pastor with a group of 80 teenagers on a mission trip to New Orleans. My intended fiancé grew up in the suburbs there, so I thought […]

Tie a Bow On It

Gratitude awakens us to God's hidden gifts all around us

I’m starting to think we’re the last family who gives thanks before meals anymore. Hopefully, we’re not the only ones left. We’ve got two little adopted girls we’re raising, and we want them to grow up with the concept that everything we have comes from God. Nothing is “a given”, take nothing good for granted. […]

Turkey Bacon and Believing

One reason you may not believe is you've never tasted the real thing

Turkey bacon is a lie of the devil. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but for a big guy who loves to eat, something about it just seems deceptive. It looks like real bacon, it even smells like real bacon. However, the taste gives it away for what it truly is…strips of turkey masquerading as […]

Life Changes That Fast

Don't give up hope. Change is as sure as the seasons.

A cool breeze blew in this weekend. A refreshing taste of fall – at least fall as we experience it here in SW Florida. We sat outside on 5th Ave South (my favorite area of town) and enjoyed the early evening at the coffee shop where we hold our Sunday evening Bible Study. My wife […]

It’s a “hot mess” life!

The secret of life revealed (get your pen ready)

I’m sitting in my car at Starbucks, writing. I feel stupid, it probably is stupid. There was a church women’s group meeting at my house. Great group of ladies, but with that much estrogen in the room I figured it was a smart move to skeedaddle. I’ve finally got the night to myself, without anything […]

Blessed are the Lost Causes

"The hopeless ones to whom you showed love on this earth may be the very ones who greet and usher you into heaven's door..."

I served for one very long year as a jail chaplain. They say you can get used to anything… …except working in a jail. After a few months, it didn’t really bother me when the huge metal door clanged shut behind me, locking me in with some of the most desperate people in my county. […]