Raising Cain

Every parent has been raising Cain from the very start

Earlier this week, my teenage son decided, on his own, not to move out and live in another town. By the way, if you have perfect kids, this is where you should stop reading this article and splash some cold water on your face. Because you need to wake up, quickly. We talked until 1 […]

Copy & paste?

Next time you see one of those irritating Facebook posts holding your friendship hostage if you don’t copy and paste it, try posting this: Wow, looks like I’m gonna be saying goodbye to some of you… Actually, no. I don’t do that. If you disagree with me, if you say something I don’t like, even […]

One Question God Couldn’t Answer

There’s a certain odd hush that comes upon a town at Christmas Eve. It’s not that people aren’t still working — those days when everyone got off work for Christmas are gone. But a calm still descends as families gather, and the majority of stores shut off their lights and workers head home. That’s the […]

White Christmas

The gales of wind howled through the trees outside the old cabin. Smoke rose from the chimney as the old man ate his humble soup safely inside. His weathered hands were still steady, having stacked the wood by the cabin walls that would surely last the winter’s full duration. It’s a good thing he had. […]

Christmas Censored

Go ahead, Mr. Grinch. Just try.

I was at Capitol Grille being treated to lunch by a dear friend last Friday. He’d just paid the check, and our waiter was saying thanks. “You two gentlemen have a merry…um…Happy Holidays”. His eyes darted to check our faces. “Merry Christmas to you too, my friend,” I said as I took his hand and […]

A Gloriously Dark Christmas

Bittersweet irony was always God's secret ingredient

The mix of feelings during the holidays can be as awkward as hearing Jingle Bells while on hold for the Suicide Hotline. Interestingly enough, several friends have posted the hotline’s number on their Facebook pages in the past weeks leading up to Christmas. People are really hurting out there, and it’s not hard to figure […]

No “Kum Ba Yah” for Christmas

"Peace on earth"? Don't start holding hands, or your breath, yet

Not sure about you, but “peace” is one of the last things I’m feeling at Christmastime. You’ve got a bazillion gifts, parties and other plans to get done by one specific date – Dec. 25. It’s not like you can really put it off to the day after. It’s one of the most recognizable deadlines […]

The Gift of NO

Nothing changes until you learn to say "no" to yourself

Well, I did it. I finally lost some weight. And just in time for Christmas! No, it’s not all the weight I want to lose. And yes, my face and neck both have the look of a balloon that just lost half its air. That’s what happens when you are of “a certain age” and […]

A Not-So Wonderful World

What if Jesus had never been born?

The clerk at my grocery store handed me my receipt and said, “Merry Christmas”. “Merry Christmas to you too,” I replied. “So happy to hear you celebrating the season!” “Some of the others just say ‘Happy Holidays’, ya know.” She looked back over her shoulder quickly. “But I’m a Christian, and I figure I got […]