This is our baby girl Gracie just a few months after she was born. I used her picture because our basic human rights, like the right to life, are not political. They are intrinsically personal to those victimized when they are abused…

How Not to be a Jerk

A man asked to meet me this week at Starbucks. He was probably in his late 60s or early 70s, and he immediately impressed me by riding his bike to our little meeting. He explained that after losing his wife of 40+ years in death, he had remarried. His new wife was a Christian like […]


Nothing changes until you learn to say no to this one person...

Well, I did it. I finally lost some weight. No, it’s not all the weight I want to lose. And yes, my face and neck both have the look of a balloon that just lost half its air. That’s what happens when you are of “a certain age” and successfully diet. Actually, I look like […]

“Once more, with feeling…”

Nothing & no person can derail God's destiny for your life...except you.

When I took vocal classes, my first time singing a song was the toughest. I’d spent the week working on it, but now the nerves kick in. At the end of my struggling rendition, the professor would smile and say: “OK. Once more, with feeling…” Sometimes you have to get past the first try before […]

Disposable Faith

Faith isn't like the buffet at Golden Corral - you can't take what you like & leave the Brussel sprouts.

Just saw an ad from a local “church”. They’re having in a psychic who speaks to the dead. So I guess you can talk to your former husband or relative, and for the low price of only $50 a person! The amazing thing is that, even though the Bible warns against this kind of stuff […]

Shaking Your Buddha

"I do not think it means what you think it mean"

I’ve got a Facebook friend who’s battling cancer right now. She’s a real fighter, and her tenacity is an inspiration to me. I’ve watched her emotional journey online. From time to time, she posts inspirational memes, and I’ve noticed many of them are expressions attributed to or claiming to be inspired by Buddhism. While I […]