The Little Woman

Something I wrote while my wife was making me a sandwich...

This is soup. My awesome wife Dawn made some for supper tonight. Author’s note: I did not force her to cook this meal in any patrician/male-dominating sort of way. I’m pretty sure she did not feel coerced to do it and it did not betray her femininity to take on such a traditional conservative role […]

My Favorite Wife

Happy Mother's Day to the real super hero in our family!

I loved the show “24,”.  To me, Jack Bauer was the quintessential American hero. Like most heroes, Jack was a loner. He avoided relationships because loved ones have a way of getting hurt around him. He won the day using his well-honed skills. Then he walked back into the darkness until the world needed him […]

Rainbow Sprinkles

To those who don't fit it...good!

You may not have known I was a dancer in the 80s. Just a boy, his dance belt and a dream, walking the mean streets of NYC. I’ll bet the people who just voted yesterday to hire me as their next pastor had no idea of my past. But that’s Ok… …because it’s just a […]