I’m unfollowing you on Facebook, bless your heart

This is going to be tough, but I think I should break it to you honestly… I’m unfollowing you on Facebook, bless your heart. Author’s Note: “bless your heart” is a secret code pastors often use. You see, we’re supposed to be nice. So, hypothetically of course, let’s suppose we thought someone was acting like […]

Dear Pastor, Please Don’t Suck

Seriously, you've had all week to get this right

By this week, it had been three Sundays since I closed my church. We worked hard for 5 years, but never could seem to bring in enough to sustain it. It was time to move on, so I released my people to look for a new church home. Since then, I’ve been attending local churches […]

The Day My Church Died

It's Easter and "He is not here". No, really...

NOTE: I wrote this article on Easter Sunday, 2017. I’ve waited until now to publish it. I remember driving past an ugly little country church one Easter. The sign out front said simply “He is not here”. From some churches I’ve been in, I knew that sign was probably a great example of truth-in-advertising… Well, […]

A Theology of Music

Why do I believe in God? Let me sing it to you...

I’m a pastor, but some of my best friends are atheists. Seriously, that’s not a punch line. Jonathan is one of my favorite people (and since he’s a real friend, I’m not using his real name). We’ve worked together in the past and had a lot of laughs. He’s a very kind person and a […]

On Second Thought…

So just over three months after we left Florida, Hurricane Irma hit our old town of Naples dead on. And they say in comedy “timing’s everything”. Add hurricanes to that too, I guess. I watched on tv this week as my favorite street in downtown Naples got pummeled. Fifth Avenue had been where I’d hang […]

My Dad Bod

I got a little insulted the other day when one of my kids made a joke about my “dad bod”. I was talking with my 21 year-old son about going to taking a heavy piece of furniture to storage. Since he’s been working out a lot lately, I kidded him about whether he’d be able […]

Trophy Life

I got an award once that I was so very proud of, at a big ceremony in Beverly Hills, of all places. It was a really nice glass statuette. Lots of famous or near-famous people in the room got them, too. My wife was so proud of me. Now, finally, I had something to prove […]