Unreasonable Jesus

It's about time someone gave Jesus a reality check...

The problem with Jesus is He’s just so doggone unreasonable. One of the basics of my faith as a Protestant Christian is Solus Christus – that salvation is available to us only through the atonement (payment for our sins) of Christ and no other vehicle. While this doctrine didn’t get the attention the Reformers’ cries of […]

Help! I’m on the pastor search committee!

I’ll never forget the day when after a nearly 9-month interview process, after answering the world’s longest questionnaire, after having the specter of a possible move over my head while trying to go on at my church like nothing’s happening, I got word I would not be called as the new pastor of First Baptist, […]

“You Might Just Be a Zombie” Quiz

Today, I’m throwing a BS flag on some people. Interpret that however you like. But I can tell you, it doesn’t stand for “Bible Study”, “Baloney Sandwiches” or “Barbra Streisand”. …though I do enjoy me some Barbra. Some folks think they’re activists, really affecting change. They say they’re “speaking truth to power”, and my favorite, […]