Let It Go

No, not the Disney Princess song...

I’ve heard it said, “If you love something, set it free. If it returns, then it’s truly yours. But if it doesn’t return….hunt it down and kill it! Just kidding…sort of. ;0) But as we face the blank palette of each new day, and a new year, one of the main things we need to […]

Santa Claus: Christian Fascist

Naughty or nice? Just who does he think he is!

I’m getting a little concerned for Santa. Truth is, he’s an old timer. His deeds, though well-intentioned, are from another age entirely. And I’m afraid someone will probably take him down pretty soon. A hitman? Most likely not, though I’m not ruling anything out. More likely, it will be a lawyer. Or a soccer mom. […]

Joyful & Triumphant

I was at Capitol Grille being treated to lunch by a dear friend last year right before Christmas. He’d just paid the check, and our waiter was saying thanks. “You two gentlemen have a merry…um…Happy Holidays”. His eyes darted to check our faces for disapproval. “Merry Christmas to you, my friend,” I said as I […]

Christmas Upside Down

Losing your house before Christmas is not something I'd recommend. Yet it does have its upside...

It was the Christmas right after the economy collapsed of 2008. People is Florida were hurting, and entire families were losing their houses left and right… …including my family. We had done what thousands of families in Florida had done – invested everything in our home. The way it had been explained to me, owning […]

Surviving a Vampire Attack

So I just survived a vampire attack. Yeah, who would have thought it? And in modern-day St Louis, the heartland of America no less! Let’s call her “Helen”. She had met with me once before. It was one of those meetings where the person shows up at a worship service and demands to see the […]