As you think they are…

Be careful thinking too much of the way you think on an issue

The issues are never as black and white as you think they are. The remedies are never as simple as you think they are. Those who disagree with you are never as evil as you think they are. Remember that, next time everyone runs of their respective high horses…

Throwdown at the Olive Garden

Who knew a breadstick could be a deadly weapon

So I’m sitting at the local pastors luncheon for the first time. I’ve always considered these meetings sort of like the TV show “The View”… Everybody’s griping, and most of the pastors look surprisingly like Joy Behar. Suddenly I realize I’ve made a crucial error. I’m trapped here now. The waitress has already brought the […]

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Tonight I rest in His arms, as His most beloved yet unlikely child.

It’s been a good day…a Sunday. I got to preach on Jesus this morning. I love doing that because every time I preach on Him I feel we become more intimately acquainted. The closer I get to Him, the more I want to be like Him and shed all these devices I use (we all […]


How I transitioned from average pastor to conflicted super hero

This podcast is very personal to me. It details the process God took me through in walking away from my church job and starting a new church from scratch. In that process, some people thought I was crazy. Some gossiped that I’d done something wrong. But I learned to ignore what they thought of me, […]