Angels Watching Over You

Angels aren't just Christmas ornaments. They're God's protection over us.

Last Sunday at church, I brought a family tradition full circle.

When my son Micah (who’s now 19) was just a little boy, he often got scared in the night. His nightmares woke him up and often his parents too.  So that’s when I wrote a little song that I would sing to him at bedtime, to remind him each night that God was watching over him while he slept.

On Sunday, I had the joy of singing that same song to our newly adopted 2-year-old daughter. My hope is to bring up this new set of kids in our family with the same reliance on God and His protection. When we do that, our children can grow up to be fearless because they know God always had their backs.

I hope you enjoy the song, and God bless you and yours this Christmas. Remember, angels aren’t just pretty Christmas ornaments – they’re reminders of God’s constant protection in our lives!

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