Angry Birds

You can have peace in the midst of the storm...or the Costco parking lot

We’re quickly approaching Judgment Day here in SW Florida. Soon, near the middle of October, the snowbirds will be descending upon us, flocking to our unsuspecting Costco parking lot in a fashion that would have made Alfred Hitchcock proud.  The other day sweet little wife, barely over 5 ft tall, slowly plodded past the parking spaces there in our SUV when suddenly…WHAM!  Something hit her from behind.

She stopped the car and hopped out only to see an older gentleman glaring at her, standing behind a shopping cart.  For some unfathomable reason, he had decided to ram his cart into the back end of our vehicle.  A bemused police office happened to be close by, and tried to reason with the grumpy gentleman, as he complained that my wife should be written up…

“So…you want me to ticket this lady for getting hit by your shopping cart…in the rear bumper…when she was driving away from you?” 

The man snorted something under his breath and walked away.

You may have noticed there are a lot of angry people around here these days.  And to be fair, they’re certainly not all snowbirds.  But the anger is palpable whether driving, shopping, or especially blogging.  It has been educational (to say the least) reading some of the comments my blog receives. 

But I perceive that something important seems to be missing from the lives of many of our “angry birds” – it’s an old fashioned idea called “peace”.  

The old timers knew about that kind of peace.  Some like my parents were raised in the Depression and learned that there comes a point when you’ve done all you can do, and the best thing is to just trust God for tomorrow.  But I’m afraid we’ve pushed God so far to the margins in our lives, many no longer have much faith left in their reservoir.  

I’ve got my share of question marks hanging over my life right now.  I’m having to live day to day and trust God to help me make a living each month.  Our young church struggles to break free and thrive, and all the while I must trust that God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

In the midst of this struggle, God reminds me ever so persistently of how He has taken care of me time and time again – often through much harder struggles than I face now.  And now He tells me very candidly,

“You can trust me and have peace on this journey, and everything will be OK.  Or you can be scared, angry at life, give yourself an ulcer…and you won’t fix a thing.  Either way, I’ve got you.  So why not just enjoy my peace and trust me for the outcome?”

That level of trust is something I don’t do easily.  It feels almost irresponsible – to not keep grappling for solutions to impossible problems, to not keep beating myself up when things don’t seem to be working.  But my faith tells me to “do my best and trust Him for the rest”.  Wow, that sounds so simplistic, almost trite. But no less true.

In the end, that’s what all of we “angry birds” need most in our lives.  We need to stop looking at how impossible our circumstances are, and focus on how incredibly powerful our Father is.  The moment you do that, the dark cloud of anger and fear over your life will lift.  Whenever I focus on God in worship or prayer, suddenly I feel lighter, like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders.  That’s because I had finally allowed my Father to carry it.  It was way too big for me anyway, and would have eventually crushed me under it’s weight.

So what are you carrying today that is keeping you trapped in anger and fear?  There really is a simple answer – one that most people over look because it really seems too simple.  That answer is to pray, leave the problems you can’t fix to God, and rest in His promise He will take care of you.

But we keep missing it specifically because it does sound way too easy. We fly right past it and flap around in a flurry of activity, desperately trying to rise above our circumstances.  But today, why not stop flapping your wings?  Stop – listen to God – see this life from His vantage point high above your circumstances.

The Bible says He feeds even the little birds and cares for them.  How much more does He care for us… even we angry birds?  So rest in Him…and in the process, rise above it all!

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