Disposable Faith

Faith isn't like the buffet at Golden Corral - you can't take what you like & leave the Brussel sprouts.

Just saw an ad from a local “church”. They’re having in a psychic who speaks to the dead. So I guess you can talk to your former husband or relative, and for the low price of only $50 a person! The amazing thing is that, even though the Bible warns against this kind of stuff […]

Shaking Your Buddha

"I do not think it means what you think it mean"

I’ve got a Facebook friend who’s battling cancer right now. She’s a real fighter, and her tenacity is an inspiration to me. I’ve watched her emotional journey online. From time to time, she posts inspirational memes, and I’ve noticed many of them are expressions attributed to or claiming to be inspired by Buddhism. While I […]

5 Undeniable, Surprising Ways Christianity Improves Your Life

When it comes to religion, "one size does NOT fit all".

Feeling a little meaningless right now and want to get in touch with your “spiritual side”? Tried Buddhism, meditation, and everything short of hiking to Tibet? Well, the best answer may be a lot closer than you ever dreamed, within quite familiar wrapping paper… It’s Christianity. And it works better than any of the other […]

Giving Up on Being Good

Most people's idea of "goodness" is just a bunch of hot air

Ever try to blow up a raft? Unless you’ve got one of those electric “blow dryer thingies”, you are in for a world of hurt. I remember sitting in the sand, ready to pass out while my preschool daughter jumped up and down, yelling “Daddy, hurry up!” Not what I consider family fun. But then […]

How I Know He Lives

While skeptics demand proof, the faithful rest in confident expectation

Growing up in a southern Baptist church, every Easter there were two hymns you had to sing…or you probably weren’t really Baptist. One was “Low in the Grave He Lay”. Most people don’t remember it by that title, but by the bouncy chorus that interrupts the sad, mournful verse. After lamenting the crucified Jesus, suddenly […]