Santa Claus: Christian Fascist

Naughty or nice? Just who does he think he is!

I’m getting a little concerned for Santa. Truth is, he’s an old timer. His deeds, though well-intentioned, are from another age entirely. And I’m afraid someone will probably take him down pretty soon. A hitman? Most likely not, though I’m not ruling anything out. More likely, it will be a lawyer. Or a soccer mom. […]

Should we forgive Kathy Griffin?

We need to relearn the fine art of disagreeing agreeably

So…should we forgive Kathy Griffin? For anyone who’s been 100 miles away from cell phone coverage this week, the comedian did a photo shoot of her holding what appeared to be the bloody, severed head of President Trump. It’s reported the president’s young son Barron saw the image and was quite disturbed by it. Response […]

Bad News on Doing Good

I read an article by the Pope today that sought to change my mind on giving to the homeless. It didn’t. I’ll admit, Pope Francis has a few more followers and quite a bit more clout than me. Oh, and he has a pretty huge hat too, and a tricked-out car i’d love to ride […]

Dear Millennials: Quit Whining!

Watch my head explode as I respond to Millennial complaints about the church

So I’m reading yet another article about why millennials have dropped out of church. How many have a read in the past year? More than the numbers of stars in the skies. And what do I hear? A whole bunch of whining. Once again, I’m reading about how it’s all “our fault” – “our” meaning […]

Why “Under God” Matters

During a magazine contest in 1892, the words to what we now know as our Pledge of Allegiance were first published. In 1942, the Pledge was officially adopted into our flag code. At the time, it read as follows: “I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible, […]

“Once more, with feeling…”

Nothing & no person can derail God's destiny for your life...except you.

When I took vocal classes, my first time singing a song was the toughest. I’d spent the week working on it, but now the nerves kick in. At the end of my struggling rendition, the professor would smile and say: “OK. Once more, with feeling…” Sometimes you have to get past the first try before […]

Copy & paste?

Next time you see one of those irritating Facebook posts holding your friendship hostage if you don’t copy and paste it, try posting this: Wow, looks like I’m gonna be saying goodbye to some of you… Actually, no. I don’t do that. If you disagree with me, if you say something I don’t like, even […]

My Public Spanking on Islam & Terrorism

Still waiting on those marauding bands of Presbyterians to overrun us...

It’s been a fascinating weekend for me, and a true learning experience. Actually, more like a public spanking, to be honest ;0) After the San Bernadino attacks, an article I wrote on Islam was published in our local paper.  The article received several comments at the Naples News online site, as well as on my […]