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theworldis youroyster.-2YOUR BRAIN’S TOO SMALL FOR GOD: Straight Talk for Skeptics

With atheism on the rise, Dave Gipson gives common sense answers to some of the usual critiques of Christianity, along with encouragement to stay open to the voice of God.

This is an especially good book to get for a friend or family member struggling with questions about the veracity of Scripture or feeling pressure to reject the claims of Christianity. Dave’s sense of humor and no-holds-barred style make it a great read for young adults and college students.

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HOUSE OF THE LIVING DAD: How I Survived Parenting (mostly)

Take a funny and inspiring journey with a man facing fatherhood of two toddlers once again in his 50s, after having already raised three teenagers.

Dave gives insight on the challenges of raising toddlers again, while sharing honestly the hard lessons learned during his first round as a father of three teenagers. This is a great book for new parents, and especially young fathers intimidated by the challenges ahead of them.

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THE EXTREME LIFE MANIFESTO: A Workbook on Living a Life that Matters

Dave Gipson lives an extreme life. And in The Extreme Life Manifesto, he tells you how he left a life a mediocrity and invites you to join him on the adventure of a life that matters. So…are you game?

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tie-a-bow-cover-printTIE A BOW ON IT: Stories of Christmas Present

Dave collects several thoughtful stories on human nature and what really matters during the holidays – the people God has placed in our lives!

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FOR AN AUDIENCE OF ONE: Great Hymns at the Piano

Check out this CD of Dave’s arrangements of beloved hymns, played by him at the piano

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