Don’t Wait to Enjoy Your Life!

God delights in your simple, random joy

I checked into Facebook yesterday only to find a high school friend only a year older than me had died. He had just gotten married earlier this year, and had a son in college.

I guess he knew it was coming. As I backtracked along his timeline to find out what happened, I saw where he’d been in the hospital for some procedure. I noticed later that month he had first quit one job and then another part time one in succession.

As I sat there stunned over his passing, I wondered what he was thinking as the days went by and his body got weaker. I wondered what he regretted most, and how he spent the time he had left.

His death reminded me of a sermon I did over a year ago. In it, I talked about the importance of finding joy in your life and how that is truly a holy exercise. The book of Ecclesiastes tries to warn us about being too serious and not living life to its fullest. But somehow, those of us who try to live for God rarely get the message, while others who don’t know Him end up abusing those opportunities with excess.

I started the sermon off with doing something I’d wanted to do since childhood – tap dancing. I grew up watching the great musicals of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, always wishing I could do what they were doing. But dancing was considered sissy for boys where I grew up, and I had to settle for piano lessons instead.

I hope you enjoy the short clip from the beginning of that message, and that you decide to go out and experience the wonderful things this life has to offer you…before it’s too late.

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