When God was Too Late

I served for one very long year as a jail chaplain. They say you can get used to anything… …except maybe working in a jail. After a few months, it didn’t really bother me when the huge metal door clanged shut behind me, locking me in with some of the most desperate people in my […]

Lover of Lost Causes

I think it’s so odd that most of us would agree that the sacrificed life – a life lived for helping others – is the best way to live. Only few of us ever decide to live that way. Sure, there are those few foster parents like our friends Stacey and Mike who take in […]

“Once more, with feeling…”

No matter how hard last year knocked you down, get back up and try again

When I took vocal classes, my first time singing a song was the toughest. I’d spent the week working on it, but now the nerves kick in. At the end of my struggling rendition, the professor would smile and say: “OK. Once more, with feeling…” Sometimes you have to get past the first try before […]

Let It Go

No, not the Disney Princess song...

I’ve heard it said, “If you love something, set it free. If it returns, then it’s truly yours. But if it doesn’t return….hunt it down and kill it! Just kidding…sort of. ;0) But as we face the blank palette of each new day, and a new year, one of the main things we need to […]

Joyful & Triumphant

I was at Capitol Grille being treated to lunch by a dear friend last year right before Christmas. He’d just paid the check, and our waiter was saying thanks. “You two gentlemen have a merry…um…Happy Holidays”. His eyes darted to check our faces for disapproval. “Merry Christmas to you, my friend,” I said as I […]

Surviving a Vampire Attack

So I just survived a vampire attack. Yeah, who would have thought it? And in modern-day St Louis, the heartland of America no less! Let’s call her “Helen”. She had met with me once before. It was one of those meetings where the person shows up at a worship service and demands to see the […]


I sat across from a man who slit his family's throats, and wondered if I'd get a glimpse of evil staring back at me

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I originally wrote this article a couple of years ago, but did not include the name of the inmate because he was still at trial. Finally last week, a judge pronounced sentence against Mesac Damas as punishment for the murder of his wife and children. Since those legal proceedings are over, I’m including […]