Prayer isn’t/is…

praying_man_at_altar-300x212Prayer is not just mediation – stilling the mind and soul – embracing a void.

Prayer is meditating on a real Being – trusting that He is there – listening to a voice so still and small, few would ever believe it could be God’s. And fewer still would believe He would actually speak to you.

And yet, He is waiting to do just that.


finger-pointingYou never speak louder about your relationship with Christ than when you react to someone else caught in sin.

When you truly know Christ and see someone caught in sin, you feel a sense of familiarity and empathy because you know you’ve been in that same place. You realize you’re both part of the “fellowship of the broken”.

I worry most for those who do not feel that empathy, and choose to point fingers and criticize as if they’ve never fallen either.

It may in fact prove that they’ve never experienced that amazing grace that the rest of us recognize we need so badly…

The Worst Part

don-mcclean-quote-and-the-three-men-i-admire-most-the-father-son-andThe worst part of telling God you want Him out of your life…or your country…is that He’ll listen.

If we demand so, He will sadly walk away, leaving us with a life and world devoid of His beauty, joy and guiding hand.

The worst part is getting exactly what we asked for, when we had no idea for what we were asking..