Don’t be so openminded…

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Open mindedness is overrated…

When you find Truth, you are wise to defend it and oppose anything that opposes it.

We live in an age where we’re supposed to accept every person’s individual “truth” is of equal value. But surely not everyone can be correct…

Truth by nature is exclusive. If one thing is true, its opposite cannot also be true. So Truth naturally opposes lies the way light opposes darkness.

Nurture truth the way you would nurture a candle while walking near a precipice in the dark. It is your guide and is all that stands between you and destruction…

Doll House

IMG_1295We love all our babies, but they are a lot of work.

A friend looked at this one and said, “She’s a doll!”

Just remember, Chucky was a doll too… ;0)

Tick the right people off

imageDon’t waste your time trying to make everybody happy. If you do, you’ll fail and you won’t be happy either.

Instead, allow the excellent way you live your life to tick the right people off. If you never make anyone mad, you’re not doing anything that really matters, are you?


New Horizons in Parenting

gummyNew appreciations from almost two weeks of parenting 3 foster babies:

– going to the bathroom without being watched

– the dark psychological undertones to be found on the Sprout channel and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

– traversing floors with random tiny pointy objects

– removing masticated Teddy Grahams from the TV remote without use a wetwipe (the wrist flick)

Also, I have discovered why a father designed the very first Jungle Jim. It was to give his twin boys something to climb on besides himself…

That is all.

When you can’t see where you’re going…

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Photography by Glenn Christopher

Don’t sweat it when you can’t see where you’re going, and your path is obscured…

Sometimes the obscured path God sends us on is to our benefit. The fog hides the precipice beneath us from view, keeping us from panicking.

We simply listen for our Father’s voice saying where to step next, never knowing the peril we might face if we strayed from His path.


hold-biblePeople will not always understand the decisions you have to make, and you won’t always have time to explain them.

That’s ok. They’re not the One you answer to…

Write it down, let it go

letterWhen someone wrongs me, I sit down and write them a letter listing all the bad things they did. I detail everything quite specifically, and explain exactly how it made me feel. I also try to include all the ways I’ve helped them in the past, and how they completely disregarded my friendship and took advantage of my kindness.

…then I make the letter my love offering to Jesus, right before I hit delete.