To my friend who doesn’t believe…

Stop waiting for proof of something beyond your understanding. Just jump.

If I could wish anything for you, this would be the very best thing I could hope for you – that you would believe.

…to embrace faith

…to embrace Jesus as your friend and guide through this life

…to meet God in such a personal, transformational way, you’d know Him even better than you know me.

And just so you know, the following are NOT reasons why I want you to believe:

…because I want to prove me right and you wrong

…because I’m afraid your life is such a train wreck

…because I think I’m better than you

I want you to believe because it’s been an unending source of peace and happiness in my life.  Jesus is quite simply the best thing that’s every happened to me. So naturally, I want that for you, too.


And just in case you’re wondering…

Even if there weren’t any heaven, it still would be worth following Jesus.

If all that was left after this life were nothingness,

this life, this beautiful life of faith is the one I would still want to lead.


I know you say you believe in yourself, whatever that means. That’s nice, but “my self” is not enough. Because if we don’t believe in anything beyond our own selves, there’s little chance we’ll ever get past our own selfishness

…little chance we’ll find a meaning beyond our own meaninglessness.

That’s what has given my life value – that belief in Someone better, kinder, more noble and loving than I could ever be. And He has changed me for the better.

I know you say you’ll believe when someone proves God to you, but God’s determined not to let that happen. 

You see, there’s no faith needed for a “sure thing”. And most of the valuable things in life – choosing a spouse, following your life’s path – all involve a measure of risk.

And love is only real when there’s a choice involved. I’d never know whether my wife loved me if I pointed a gun at her head and said, “You must love me.” So if God’s existence were a proven fact, you’d have no choice but to bow to Him. That “proven fact” would be the gun pointed at your head.  And that kind of fearful slavery is not what He’s looking for.

So He leaves you just enough “plausible deniability” so you can turn away if you want to. There’s just enough proof to believe…if you want to, and just enough doubt to deny…if you want to.  So it all comes down to this question:

Do you want to believe there’s a God, or don’t you?

So my wish for you is that you’d stop making excuses

…stop being afraid you can’t be good enough

…stop being afraid you’ll make a fool of yourself believing in something that’s not there

…stop worrying what your stupid friends will think of you

Just stick out your hand, hold on tight, and jump…

I say “jump” because it has to be a leap of faith. A leap beyond facts and reason.


Jump beyond what you can calculate with your mind.

Jump beyond your earth-bound ability to reason.

Jump for something you can’t figure out, trusting in the benevolent goodness of the God you’ve always wished could be real. 

Jump into the waiting arms of the Father your heart always longed for…because it was He who put that desire within you in the first place!

If you’ll jump, I’ll be waiting there for you on the other side when you land.

And don’t worry – you’ll recognize Jesus when you see Him – trust me. Just a little time reading His words and talking to Him in prayer will make Him more real to you than the people you can touch and see.

He’ll be the one smiling with His arms stretched out, and those wounds in His hands.

And He’s the one who promises to catch you when you finally take the leap of faith.

So, go ahead…jump.

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