Second Childhood

Why heaven matters

I sat at the bedside of a dying woman this week. She had asked for a pastor to come to see her, and knew her time was limited. She’d been confined to a bed, and had oxygen running through a line to her nose. Life can be brutal sometimes. After a few pleasantries, I asked […]


There are moments in your life when everything suddenly changes...

  There are moments in your life when God is ready to change everything for the better. But He’s waiting on one important thing. He’s waiting for you to move first. Watch Dave’s message, recorded Live in St Louis…

But have not love…

I Corinthians 13, commonly called the Love Chapter of the Bible,  reinterpreted for political addicts (in other words, most of the people on Facebook): “Though I speak with the tongues of politicians and pundits, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a 24 hour new channel. And though I have the gift […]

My Malibu Jesus

Anyone remember Bizarro? He was an imperfect take on the perfect Superman introduced in DC Comics. In fact, Bizarro World not only had Bizarro-Superman but also Bizarro-Batman, complete with a Futility Belt of cigarette butts, chewed gum, etc. Yellow (not Green) Lantern got no power from his ring. Bizarro-Aquaman could not swim. There was even […]

The Little Woman

Something I wrote while my wife was making me a sandwich...

This is soup. My awesome wife Dawn made some for supper tonight. Author’s note: I did not force her to cook this meal in any patrician/male-dominating sort of way. I’m pretty sure she did not feel coerced to do it and it did not betray her femininity to take on such a traditional conservative role […]

Rainbow Sprinkles

To those who don't fit it...good!

You may not have known I was a dancer in the 80s. Just a boy, his dance belt and a dream, walking the mean streets of NYC. I’ll bet the people who just voted yesterday to hire me as their next pastor had no idea of my past. But that’s Ok… …because it’s just a […]

A Dusty Old Book

It’s weird, that moment when you suddenly realize how others perceive you. It’s as if a window opens and you no longer see yourself subjectively – you can now see yourself through the eyes of others. When spiritual issues come up in conversation, I can tell how alien I seem. It’s like I’m talking about […]

Blinding Them With Science

A worship service, led by the Right Reverend Bill Nye

I’m afraid I may have just triggered someone. First, let me explain. I watched over the weekend as the March for Science took place in Washington D.C. (Earth Day – April 22, 2017). The organizers had made it clear they didn’t want their event to become a partisan political forum: We unite as a diverse, […]